Daniel J. Brown, CPA, a local firm with 25 years experience

Dan provides income tax preparation and planning services and IRS representation. He counsels clients on business start-ups, divorce, estate issues, retirement and college planning, and many other tax and financial matters.

Through exceptional service, Dan builds lasting relationships with clients. Many have been returning since the firm was established and children of clients have become clients themselves. Clients who move from the area often continue having him prepare their taxes; many live in foreign countries and in states other than Illinois.

Understand Your Tax Opportunities and Pitfalls

"I have seen people overpay taxes by thousands of dollars because they made uninformed decisions."

Dan wants to prevent such situations. He offers tax advice after considering clients' circumstances and gladly answers their questions. A sample of what he's been asked:


  • I am starting a new business, what expenses can I deduct? Or, I will be an independent contractor, what can I deduct? Should I make estimated tax payments?
  • I made nondeductible contributions to my traditional IRA in the past but never told my tax preparer. Is that OK?
  • I had a high income for many years and put a lot in my retirement account; but I have not worked this past year; are there tax planning opportunities?
  • I am self-employed. What's the best way for me to save for my children's college? To pay for medical expenses? What retirement plans can I use?
  • I received a small inheritance. How much income tax will I need to pay on it?
  • It looks like higher tax rates are coming. Should I convert my retirement accounts to a Roth IRA?
  • I changed jobs. Should I rollover my 401(k) or use it to pay bills? Should I use it for my child's tuition?
  • My IRA invested in a publicly traded partnership. Is my IRA required to file a tax return?
  • My widowed mother named me executor of her estate; when she passes, what should I do?
  • I have a bank account overseas and pay income tax to the foreign country. Does it affect my federal tax return?
  • Should I sell my appreciated rental property or do a like-kind exchange?
  • My income is too high for me to qualify for an education credit; can my child take the credit?
  • I am a minister. How is my self-employment tax calculated? What's covered by my "housing allowance"?
  • My soon-to-be-ex wants the exemptions for the children. How much are the exemptions worth?
  • I play online poker and was told I should file a FinCEN form 114. What is this form and how do I file it?
  • The divorce is not final and we are living apart. Should we file jointly or separately?
  • My child's college tuition and fees were paid by scholarships; am I eligible for any education credits?
  • If I take a home office deduction, am I more likely to be audited? Do I qualify?
  • I hired someone to take care of my children. What payroll taxes do I have to pay and how do I pay them?
  • My spouse and I created trusts to reduce estate taxes and avoid probate. Should we file returns for these trusts?
  • When I die my estate will be taxable. What can I do now to minimize the tax?
  • I receive money every month from my ex-spouse. Is it taxable?
  • Is there a downside to financing my new business with my IRA?
  • I exercised stock options and sold the stock; how do I figure the taxable gain?
  • How will my 2018 income tax be affected by the Tax Reform Act of 2017 (effective January 1, 2018)? Should I do anything differently?

Note, the Tax Reform Act of 2017 has eliminated exemptions and many credits; it has reduced deductions but has also provided some new, alternative ways to reduce income taxes.

Appointments are available year round 9:30 am to 7:30 pm Monday through Thursday and 9:30 am to 3:30 pm Friday and Saturday. Call 630 629-4400 to schedule an appointment.

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